Which is the Fastest Elementor Theme?

When it comes to the fastest Elementor themes for WordPress, several options stand out for their performance and speed. Here are some of the top contenders based on various performance tests and user feedback:

1) Neve:

Neve is consistently praised for its speed and performance. It scores high on Google’s PageSpeed Insights with a perfect 100 and has very low load times, typically around 492ms. It’s highly optimized for mobile performance and is lightweight with minimal HTTP requests​ (

DeoThemes)​​ (aThemes)​.

Hello Elementor:

Designed by Elementor itself, the Hello theme is extremely lightweight and optimized for speed. It has a fast load time, often around 503ms, and is known for its minimalistic design, making it a great base for building custom sites with Elementor​ (Elementor)​​ (Themeisle)​.


GeneratePress is another top performer, known for its stability and speed. It is lightweight and offers a high degree of customization, with fast load times and a strong performance on speed tests, including a perfect score on PageSpeed Insights​ (

Adithya Shetty)​.


Astra is one of the most popular themes, known for its speed and flexibility. It has a fast load time, typically around 410ms, and supports various page builders including Elementor. Astra is also SEO-friendly and highly customizable​ (aThemes)​​ (Adithya Shetty)​.


Kadence is a newer theme that has quickly become popular due to its speed and extensive customization options. It features a load time of around 441ms and is optimized for performance with modern coding practices​ (aThemes)​​ (Adithya Shetty)​.


Blocksy is a lightweight theme designed for fast load times and customization. It includes features like lazy loading images and async JavaScript to enhance performance, with load times around 441ms​ (aThemes)​​ (Adithya Shetty)​.

These themes are all excellent choices if you are looking to build a fast and efficient website using Elementor. Each offers unique features and customization options, so the best choice may depend on your specific needs and preferences.